Consumer Units Upgrade

About Consumer Units Upgrades


Consumer unit upgrades are one of the more common jobs that DYC Electrical undertake as the consumer units on many old houses & buildings are violating building regulations in their current state, specifically 314.2 which states “separate circuits shall be provided for parts of the installation which need to be separately controlled in such a way that those circuits are not affected by the failure of another circuits.” And 415.1.1 which states “The use of RCD with a rated residual operating current is recognised in AC. Systems as additional protection in the event of failure of the basic protection on and/or the provision of faulty protection or carelessness by users.” Which means that RCDs must be present on the board and should be kept separate to any other circuits.

Our company mainly fits RCBO boards because each circuit has its own RCD and MCB to create the maximum protection.

We also main install3 phase board sub main boards.


Reasons to Upgrade your Unit:

  • Safer
  • More Reliable
  • Looks Better In Dwelling
  • Can Have More Circuits If Needed
  • Will Be Up To Regulations & Compilable
  • A Must If Extending Dwelling