What Is Domestic Electrical Work?


Domestic work is any work that is to be done in houses or flats, etc. the type of work that could be done varies all the way from fitting a bulb to a full house re-wire and board change.


Why It’s Important To Have Your Home Checked


In older homes, many of them do not have a means of earth into their gas and water pipes which can be very dangerous if a line conductor touches them the exposed parts will become live. A fault we find in many homes is something called a borrowed neutral, which is common in old lighting circuits. It is when a light fixture is connected to the line from one circuit and neutral from another


Type of Electrical Domestic Work We Carry Out:

  • Installing New/Additional lighting in rooms
  • Repairs & Fault Diagnostics
  • Board Change
  • Extension & Conservatory Wiring
  • Shower installations & Upgrades
  • Intaling New Plug Sockets/Upgrading Old Plug Sockets
  • Upgrading/Adding Lighting in Kitchens
  • Cable Management (Trunking, Conduit & Tray)
  • Earthing systems
  • Heating & Ventilation Systems